Star Wars Skins in Minecraft

Hey. I recently updated my Minecraft Pocket Edition to just plain old Minecraft with the new Better Together update. I have been playing on my iPad and it’s really great. The game feels much more like the original desktop version now.

It was also my birthday this week and since I have been meaning to change my Minecraft skin for a while, I decided to treat myself to a birthday present. Some coins!

To celebrate I decided to buy some texture packs and some skin packs. Right now my favorite texture pack is PureBDCraft. I also purchased the Star Wars skin pack, which features a lot of different characters from the movies. At the moment, I am playing as Tatooine Luke. Darth Vader is next!

Here I am in my Luke outfit in a close-up.


I should change my lame noob wooden axe for a light saber!

Oh and the reason the textures look different is because of the PureBDCraft theme. Take a look at the video.

I can’t wait for some more of the high quality texture packs coming soon. Look at this sneak peek from the Minecraft developers.

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