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Three More Star Wars Skin Outfits

Just some more screenshots from my Star Wars skin collection in Minecraft. So far, my favorite one is Chewbacca. These are all from the classic collection.


Star Wars Skins in Minecraft

Hey. I recently updated my Minecraft Pocket Edition to just plain old Minecraft with the new Better Together update. I have been playing on my iPad and it’s really great. The game feels much more like the original desktop version now.

It was also my birthday this week and since I have been meaning to change my Minecraft skin for a while, I decided to treat myself to a birthday present. Some coins!

To celebrate I decided to buy some texture packs and some skin packs. Right now my favorite texture pack is PureBDCraft. I also purchased the Star Wars skin pack, which features a lot of different characters from the movies. At the moment, I am playing as Tatooine Luke. Darth Vader is next!

Here I am in my Luke outfit in a close-up.


I should change my lame noob wooden axe for a light saber!

Oh and the reason the textures look different is because of the PureBDCraft theme. Take a look at the video.

I can’t wait for some more of the high quality texture packs coming soon. Look at this sneak peek from the Minecraft developers.

Clash Royale Makes My Cash Vanish

I don’t know how they do it, but the folks at Supercell have figured out a magic trick of epic proportions: they make all the cash vanish out of my wallet.

I’ve played a lot of games before, but Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are unparalleled in their ability to separate my money from me.

I think I’ve racked up in-app purchases for at least $1,000 for each game this year. And what really frightens me is that I’m not even playing Clash of Clans that much. It was my game of games two years ago, but all I’m playing right now is Clash Royale. I’m definitely not the beginner I used to be.

The latest thing causing me to buy lots of gems is the Play (RED) campaign. This is nice because 100% of the proceeds go to charity, so at least I feel better about spending all my money this holiday season. On Clash Royale, you can get the King Tower Red and 500 gems for $4.99, which is a good deal. It’s basically the same exact price you would normally pay for 500 gems, but you get the King Tower Red and you feel good about it going to charity.

It’s all part of a bigger effort called Games for Red, which I happily support.


Clash Royale for Beginners

A while ago I wrote about Clash Royale, and I’ve been playing it almost every day since. Because a lot of new players are joining the game every day, here are some popular tips and a little advice for Clash Royale newbies.

Clash Royale is a strategic mini-game that requires assembling your own set of deck versus the opponent’s deck.

The goal of the game is easy, by destroying their towers to defeat your opponent. There’s a time limit. Whoever destroys the king’s tower first, wins the game. If no one is able to ruin their opponent’s kings tower within 3 minutes, there is an overtime extension for another minute.

You’ll where there is a basic tutorial begin the game in the training camp. It is going to teach you of it’s played the basic game play. From deploying troops you might be given 7 training battles to familiarize yourself with its uses and your cards. In the last Wooden Chest, there exists an arbitrary Epic Poem card that will be given to you.

Fighting actual players can be tough for new players, notably when they have’t researched the world of Clash Royale. Even if you may not have the cards that are best yet are going to be your very best weapon against your competitors.


Loot Chests (Wooden, Silver, Gold, Giant, Magical and Super Magical)

Every time you win battles, you get an arbitrary chest. When it’s not empty, you wo’t manage to get more chest until one is opened. Each chest has their own timer. Silver desires 3 hours of waiting, Gold desires 8 hours, Giant and Magical desires 12 hours and Super Magical chest desires one day. I do’t advocate it though you’ll be able to unlock it instantly by spending jewels. The chests are given in a layout. If your chest stock is complete and you could’t despite winning your battles get chests, you’ll still get the chest that is next in that arrangement. To know more about the chest layout assess this guide.

Free Chest

You’ll be able to get free chest every 4 hours. It can stack around two times just, meaning every 6 hours it is possible to unlock two free chest instantly.

Crown Chest

Crown Chest resets once a day. You need to win 10 crowns to unlock the Crown chest. Crowns can be got by destroying crown towers. It’s going to give you 3 crowns if you’re able to ruin the King’s tower. Like the Free chest, Crown chest can also stack around two times.


Stone are an essential characteristic particularly for paying players. Buy golds and chests in the Shop and stone are used to unlock chests promptly. You can even get jewels in Free Chest and Crown Chest. For non-paying players, I recommend to refrain from purchasing chests in the store and using your stone for unlocking chests, rather use it for the gold.


Gold is one of the most important factor in the game aside from the cards. Gold is needed each time you upgrade your troops to a higher level. By utilizing gold additionally you can buy cards from your Shop,. Gold can be earned winning fights and by unlocking chests.

The reason why I said it’s one the most important in the game, because you ca’t if you do make your cards level up ’t have enough gold. Plus, spending gold to buy the cards that you want is better than taking chances in purchasing chests in the Shop.


The Shop is where you can buy 3 cards (common, rare, heroic) that refreshes each day at 12:00am, chests (giant, magical, superb charming), golds and jewels by paying cash. Its price increases. For instance, common card costs 10 gold 12 gold for etc. and the second, for the first purchase Uncommon card costs cards costs that are Epic and 20 gold 2000 gold, for the first purchase.

If you’re a paying player and determined to buy stone in the store, it is possible to either buy Chests or Gold. Among all the chests, it has the greatest chance to lose a Renowned card. Purchasing gold is better however if you have a good deck. Upgrading cards are not cheap in degrees that are higher. An overall cost of a max leveled common card will be . gold 185,625 Also, if you should be intending to get Mythical cards, you can buy them at the Shop completely if you’re in the Legendary Arena 8. Each Mythical card costs . gold 40,000

Trophies and Arenas

Trophies are not really important in this game. It truly is merely the basis of what Stadium you’ll be in. You’ll lose some prizes should you be defeated in a battle and get a certain quantity of prizes for each win. For beginners, it isn’t advisable to run your self to some higher arena because you may find it much difficult to fight with players with higher amount deck. The only reason why you want to get higher would be to get as many cards you’ll be able to get out of the chests given on the arena you happen to be in.


Leveling up increases your peak tower’s damage and health. You are able to only game level shards up by 3 ways, finishing an achievement, leveling up cards and contributing troops in your clan. Also, this there’s no need to race leveling up and is not a major headache. You may also learn more about leveling here.


You can now begin to join or create a clan once you reach level 3. Creating a clan requires 1000 gold, while joining a clan is free, based on which clan you need to join. Some clans have trophy requirements so select wisely. It is perfect to have a clan with active members that contributes frequently.

Donating is the chief purpose of having a clan. You’ll get gold and degree up encounter when you contribute. I inform to contribute as much as you can to get gold and amount quickly. Give your clan mates the cards they request particularly if those are not included in your main deck.


The replay includes videos where you can see the top player’s gameplays and strategies. Each Stadium has its top replays. If you’re waiting for a chest to go on cooldown, you learn something out of it and could see some replays.


Cards are the most important factor of the game. It decides how you’ll win versus your competitor and how your game plan will be. Fundamentally there are 6 cards in a deck and there are 3 decks accessible. If you want to save other card blends, you can use one of the accessible decks if you need to switch out instantly.

There are three types of cards namely, buildings troops and enchantments enchantments. Troops are the cards that move and attack towards the crown tower. Buildings are stationary units that assaults anything. Spells are cards that can be put on the earth to damage or create an effect within a place.

Swarm – troops that consists more or two when deployed.

Ex. Archers, Goblins, Barbarians, Minion Horde, Skeleton Army

Ranged – troops that can attack in a distance and can target units that are flying.

Flying/Air – troops that can just get assaulted troops and by towers, buildings that can target air units. They cannot be assaulted by ground troops.

Ex. Infant Dragon, Balloon, Minions, Minion Horde, Lava Hound

Tank – troops that have high well-being to take damage in the towers but having movement rate that is slow and low attack damage.

Ex. Giant, Lava Hound, Golem, Royal Giant, Valkyrie, Pekka, Skeleton Giant

Effective against swarm troops.

Ex. Witch, Magician, Dark Prince, Valkyrie, Bomb Skeleton

Assembling Aggressive – troops that just assaults towers and buildings.

Ex. Hog Rider, Balloon, Lava Hound, Giant, Golem, Royal Giant

Attacking/Powerful damage – troops that have damage that is high. It’s most effective when put behind tanks.

Ex. Wizards, Musketeer, Three Musketeer, PEKKA, Miniature Pekka, Prince

Buildings also have some classification. They are generally used but there are certain buildings which are used chiefly for offense. There are troop generating buildings that spawns a certain troop .

Defensive/Supporting – Elixir Collector, Cannon, Inferno Tower, Bomb Tower, Tesla

Attacking – X-bow Mortar,

Spawning – Goblin Hut, barbarian Hut, Tombstone, Furnace

Spells are essential element of having a good deck. Have at least 1 spell in your deck. Allow me to share the finest use of each enchantments.

Arrow – for countering hp swarm troops that are low ex great. Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Goblins, Skeletons

Zap – a cheap elixir cost damages and stuns a little target. Low hp swarm troops are killed by immediately.

Halt – great for defensive and attacking particularly if used with building spatter or hostile troops that are attacking.

Toxin impedes attack and movement speed in a broad place and – an attacking spell that damages.

Rocket – a powerful spell that damages units in a small area. Great for countering troops that are powerful like Three Musketeers.

Lightning – an alternate fascination for Rocket if you are searching for similar high damage but only damages three greatest health unit in a area (including peak towers).

Now you know the kind of cards, you’re now ready to build your own deck. A good deck should be composed of different kinds of cards. One kind of each is recommended but depends on your own style of play.

Here’s a sample beginners deck that works nicely for beginners:

  • Arrows
  • Goblins
  • Archers
  • Spear Goblins
  • Fireball
  • Giant
  • Musketeer
  • Prince

If Sun Tzu Played Clash Royale, Here’s What He’d Do

Sun Tzu was a highly successful strategist and tactician, and author of the classic, The Art of War. Here’s what he’d recommend if he was a Clash Royale player.

Be Patient With Your Attacking Approach

Clash Royale takes the Clash of Clans formula and mashes it up with card fighting mechanics. Lots of magic attacks and exactly the same troops you’re comfortable with are included here in trading card form.

On the battleground, it might seem like a great idea to rush the strike as quickly as possible and take your opponent down. But during the opening moments of a match, start out slow with your offensive strategy. Do’t freak out too much when you discover your towers are getting assaulted; remain serene and send out your troops according to your strategic plans.

When you do take down a minimum of one Rival Tower, that’s the time where you catch the win as quickly as possible and should ramp up your strike. As the time winds down to seconds and its last minute, the speed where your Elixir refills will double. This provides you with an opportunity to put even more troops on the field than before.

Lay Waste to the King’s Tower with Fire and Arrows

Here’s an important suggestion that you’ll must take heed of – once one of your adversaries’ Competition Towers drop, its King’s Tower begins assaulting you. That super significant tower will also start attacking you once you hit them first. If you think the King’s Towers’ strikes are starting to rev up or you’re prepared to beat ’ em, throw some fireballs and arrows its manner. The King’s Tower is a foe that is powerful, but a mixture of those strikes plus the aids of troops which are already on the field should whittle down its health in no time. Your set of fireballs and arrows should just be used on the King’s Tower to be quite honest. Using those strike cards in any way that is other works just as well.

Use Your Elixir Intelligently

Pay close attention to your Elixir meter as you pull out new cards and put ’em . Fight the impulse to put a powerful troop out on day one of a match; play with the type of cards who’s value reaches up to a max level of four. Use smaller units in order to flood the battleground and whittle down your foe’s tower health. It to let your towers wipe out the smaller troops assaulting them instead of spending a card to be spawned by Elixir in order to overcome them. You should just spend some Elixir to spawn a powerful troop when you realize you’ll have enough to spend on another troop right after. Do’t be the sort of player who has little to none to work with against an overwhelming force and overspends Elixir.

The Greatest Troop Cards You’ll Have To Use

When it comes to the troop cards you’ll want to unquestionably carry into battle, we now have a few favorites. Goblins and Spear Goblins are affordable when it comes to spending Elixir, so it’s not difficult to throw a bunch of ’em on the battleground. Archers are great long-range troops who you should set up near your towers.

Baby Dragons can avoid the strikes of some troops, plus its fireball strikes have the ability to wipe out more than one troop at once. Barbarians pack a lot of HP, making them excellent “Tank” type characters who continue a superb while and can tear up enemy troops fast. Golems are the strongest troop type there is throw one out near the termination moments of a match to nab the triumph ASAP. Giant Skeleton, Minion Horde, Wizard and Prince cards come in handy also, thus adopt a strategy for them that works for you.

Getting New Cards Takes Some Time, So Here’s How Long You’ll Need Certainly To Wait for Those New Chests to open.

BTW, I found some more clash royale deck tips over here. Check them out!

If you’re pressed for time, chances are high that you’re gonna spend a number of jewels to open newly got chests up promptly. You’ll be allowed access to cards that are new simply by cracking open any chests that come into your possession. You ’ll be fortunate enough to get a Rare or Epic type card. Then you definitely should’t if you’re patient have much of an issue waiting the allotted time needed for a torso to reveal it’s goods. Free Chests open up when you get ’em (you’ll get a brand new one every four hours), plus Silver Chests take three hours to open. Gold Chests take eight hours, Magic Chests take 12 hours and Crown Chests open up immediately (you’ll get a brand new one every 24 hours). For the last two torso kinds in the game, Giant Chests take Super Magic Chests and 12 hours take 24 hours to open.

The Greatest Time to Break Out Your Poison Spell

When you finally add the Poison enchantment card to your deck, make sure that you put it to use during one specific situation that occurs during every match. It’s best to hit this gaseous cloud of departure against them, when you find your towers becoming a bit flooded by enemy troops. This way you’ll have the ability to slow the march on incoming enemies and open them up for more assaults out of your towers. The Poison enchantment card also helps give your troops an advantage since they’ll have a less difficult time wiping out troops that are poisoned. The Poison enchantment card costs four points of Elixir, so when the time it should be simple to break it out.

Taking Several Losses in the First Stages of the Game Might Pay Off To Your Card Gathering

Early game epics seem to be the most useful, for example, Witch, Prince, and Mini P.E.K.K.A. More cards unlock, meaning your chances of getting the card you want go down, as you go into new arenas. You’ll need there to be as few other cards that can come out of chests as potential, to level up these early cards the fastest. To do this, lose. Yes, you read that correctly, lose. Get back to 400 or less prizes. Once you get there, open all the chests you might have. You’ll get the rare cards you need to succeed at a high rate.

Don’t be a Moron. Be Smart About Your Gold Spending.

It’s far more efficient to be choosy about your upgrades, although it’s really tempting in the beginning to update every card you possibly can. Typically, I’d stick to updating cards that are mostly common since they are more economical. Also, only use your gold to update cards you know you use frequently and like. Free chests get to you personally at regular intervals and you get a torso when you win a battle so you will be capable of update other cards along the way in the goodies you get in those chests. Gold is truly tough to come by in the game, so being careful about how you spend it will make a difference for your deck and the variety of conflicts you win.